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Poop bin update

POSTED 15/11/2019 BY Honeys

For four years now we have been using our poo bin full of tiger worms to compost our puppies poops.

I’m happy to report it has been a great success after four years of perhaps 30 to 40 poops a day the poo bin is still not full and I think we have another two years before it requires emptying as compost for the roses.

I am very pleased indeed with the outcome, best thing we did at honeys doggy day care for dealing with all the poop.

Mark Upton

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Back from Serbia!

POSTED 06/06/2016 BY Honeys

After a week of hard work in Serbia we are ready to tell you all about it. The dogs we’ve met, fallen in love with, our foster-dog and of course the improvements that have been made.

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Rescue Dog up for Adoption: Dolly

POSTED 29/04/2016 BY Mark Upton

This pretty girl is a Sarplaninac, an Illyrian sheepdog. She was rescued by SFP with a bunch of other Sarplaninci. Luckily most of these gentle giants already found a home. And while they are heading off to enjoy their new lives, we’re still looking for a home for our lovely foster dog after her first home did not work out so well.


Dolly is going to a beautiful farm in Scotland, where she will be living with 2 Leonbergers.
Lets all wish Dolly the best of luck! And lets hope that with all that space, she might become a little bit less lazy!

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Preperations for Serbia!

POSTED 28/04/2016 BY Honeys

We are heading to Serbia in May!
Just for a week. But this week will be very important. We will be helping out at one of SFP’s (Serbia’s Forgotten Paws) shelters to improve the living conditions for less fortunate, abandoned dogs, that are desperate for a loving home.

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About Honey's Doggy Daycare

POSTED 21/01/2016 BY Mark Upton

Honey's Doggy Daycare is a dog daycare located in Cobham, serving Wimbledon, Raynes Park, Southfields, Putney, Wandsworth, New Malden and Cobham.

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Dog Grooming at Cobham Hounds

POSTED 20/01/2016 BY Mark Upton

Honey's Doggy Daycare in Cobham likes to offer only the best grooming and care for its dogs. Keeping everyone bright eyed & bushy tailed at our doggy daycare in Cobham, we like to send all our dogs to award winning dog groomer Amanda Marshal at her holistic grooming salon, Cobham Hounds.

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POSTED 22/12/2015 BY Mark Upton

Worms, that's what this blog will be about. No, you are not to worry, not the worms that will pester your dog.  We're talking about the kind of worms that help us keep our Earth healthy.

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Serbia's Forgotten Paws

POSTED 28/01/2015 BY Mark Upton

In this blog I’d like to introduce Honey’s doggy day care charity ‘Serbia’s Forgotten Paws’, to the people of Wimbledon, Cobham and New Malden. Here we just want to give you a brief outline of how the charity works and how you can help the charity help the dogs of Serbia.

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A Day In Daycare

POSTED 28/01/2015 BY Mark Upton

If you choose Honey’s Doggy Day care for your dog your dog’s day starts with collection from 8am. He/she is then taken comfortably with all their doggy friends from your home to our beautiful day care centre in Cobham.

The dogs are then free to roam and play amongst each other and avail of our facilities which include an agility course; climbing frame; Wendy houses; hay stacks and an indoor cresh. The dogs are supervised and interacted with at all times by Mark and Jovanna, ball games are played throughout the day and the dogs are encouraged to run around. 

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Welcome to Honey’s Doggy Day Care!

POSTED 16/01/2015 BY Mark Upton

Welcome to Honey’s Doggy Day Care!

We are a doggy day care centre set up to provide the very best care for your dog. Mark and Jovanna have been working hard to get Honey’s Doggy Day are set up to the highest standards. We have a lovely secure site, fully fenced, just a short distance up the A3, 20 minutes from New Malden and 30 minutes from Wimbledon which are our natural client bases.

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