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Rainy days at Honey's

Hi everybody

Well today is a very different blog post to last week’s heat wave! We do live in England so it’s basically guaranteed to be raining about 50% of the time! Luckily we have some great facilities to keep your pooches happy no matter what the weather.

Many of the dogs don’t even notice that it’s raining and are more than happy to run around the field playing fetch and wrestling. Some of the dogs – I’m looking at you Yuzu and Polly – are happiest splashing in the swimming pool and rainy days are no exception!

About a quarter of the Honey’s site is separate and completely paved + astro turfed, so even on the wettest, most miserable days the dogs can still play without getting very muddy. This area is brilliant because it is still huge so we can play to our heart’s content!

We have a lovely toasty cabin with sofas and blanket and lots of Wendy houses dotted around, not to mention a good amount of tree cover. One of the dog’s favourite places to relax is the greenhouse, which is toasty and dry. We have lots of cosy beds in here so everyone can dry off and shelter from the rubbish weather.

That said, hopefully the rain will go away and the sun will return soon!