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Rescue Dog up for Adoption: Dolly

This pretty girl is a Sarplaninac, an Illyrian sheepdog. She was rescued by SFP with a bunch of other Sarplaninci. Luckily most of these gentle giants already found a home. And while they are heading off to enjoy their new lives, we’re still looking for a home for our lovely foster dog after her first home did not work out so well.


Dolly is going to a beautiful farm in Scotland, where she will be living with 2 Leonbergers.
Lets all wish Dolly the best of luck! And lets hope that with all that space, she might become a little bit less lazy!

Dolly has been with us now twice. Sadly, her first rehome did not work out as she could not get used to the cats. She doesn’t like cats.

This lovely girl still has a lot to learn as she has been caged for almost her entire life. She does not always know how to act around other dogs and this strange thing called ‘playing’ is a complete mystery to her at this moment. Currently most of her meetings with other dogs only result in a friendly sniff, after which she starts wagging her tail and she just stares at ‘her human’. It really is quite adorable, honestly.

However, even though she might not have too much of a clue yet, she is definitely getting there!

She is great on the lead, although she does get a little overexcited when she spots a cat. You should always keep an eye on that. Not that she would pull you over, she listens very well to corrections and she will quickly ignore anything if you let her know.
We believe she can definitely be walked off the lead with a little bit more training, as we have successfully walked her off the lead ourselves. Be a little wary around strange dogs when you walk her off the lead, as she does not really know how to act and a dog that suddenly runs up to her and starts jumping her to play, might scare her a bit.
She also does need some work on her re-call.

Further, she absolutely LOVES food. Yes, we know, all dogs love food. But this gorgeous girl takes the word ‘love’ to a whole new level.
Don’t worry, she won’t rob your kitchen, your dinner on the counter or your stash of emergency-food. But the moment she sees you holding food, she assumes it is hers and she will sneakily try to steal it from you.

Don’t let that scare you. Dolly is great to have around and we will definitely miss her when she finds her forever-home.
She is very calm; you might even say she is a little bit lazy. She is very gentle when interacting with people and loves cuddling. And even with her almost obsessive love for human-held food, she would never grab a treat or biscuit from your hand if she would have even the slightest chance of harming you in the process.

Dolly is amazing. And we hope to find her forever-home soon. This pretty girl needs some love!

We're mainly looking to place Dolly in a home in one of the area's our day-care covers.
What this means is that we prefer to place our rescue-dogs in Wimbledon, New Malden, Southfields, Cobham, Raynes Park, Putney and Colliers Wood.
However, if you do not live in one of these area's and would still like to adopt Dolly or would like to know more about her, then don't hesitate to give us a call!
When it comes to one of our rescue's forever-home. No place it too far!