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Covered areas: Wimbledon - Raynes Park - Southfields - New Malden - Colliers Wood - Mitcham.

Summer at Honey's

Summer keeps coming and going! This week is absolutely scorching and the beautiful gardens at Honey’s are enjoying some much-needed sun – and so are the staff and dogs!

Luckily we have some great facilities at the daycare to cope with days like today (25th June). A hot summer’s day like today looks a little like this for a Honey’s daycare dog:

The pooches are collected from our collections areas (Wimbledon, Raynes Park, Colliers Wood and New Malden) bright and early in the lovely air conditioned van. When they arrive at the farm between 9-9.30am, the dogs go straight up to the field to get their energy out before it gets too hot and sweaty!

After a good half an hour play with their doggy pals, we head down to the pool. A staff member cleans the pool each morning so by the time the dogs are ready for a dip, the swimming pool is crystal clear and ready to rumble. The pool area is left open all day and the dogs can roam in and out as they please – you will find Yuzu the black lab cross in there all day!

During the midday sun, there is lots of snoozing, relaxing, sunbathing and lazing around! For those dogs who are still up for a play, we have several paddling pools dotted around – which they also use as giant water bowls! We also have some big fans of  the ‘chase the hose water’  game as well!

The dogs dry off in minutes during the hot summer days, so by the time they hop in the van for a relaxing ride home, they are dry as a bone.

We love summer here at Honey’s Doggy Daycare. Our priority is keeping your dogs cool while still having a fantastic time! I bet it rains next week!