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Worms, that's what this blog will be about. No, you are not to worry, not the worms that will pester your dog.  We're talking about the kind of worms that help us keep our Earth healthy.

Honey's Doggy Daycare after collecting all our lovely daycare dogs in the morning from Wimbledon & New Malden and busing them out to our Cobham doggy day care the first thing they like to do is use our doggy daycare loo. 

We have quite some plans lined up to help the daycare turn into a buzzing natural environment attracting birds, bees, and loads of little critters that have more and more trouble finding a proper place to call home.
As some of you might know, Honey's Doggy Daycare started out on an empty plot of land, over time, we have had a number of things built for doggy fun think of our splash pool for example and for practical reasons we have re used an second hand football pitch for decking to keep us all out of the mud over winter.
Now for our next project to minimize our impact on the environment, we start at the bottom, literally.

To create a happy and healthy doggy daycare for our Wimbledon dogs, we believe we need an environmentally happy and healthy place to set it up on. So we're creating a little ecosystem of our own, but in order to attract little pretty critters, we need our plants to do well, in order for our plants to do well, we need proper soil. Now a lot of you would probably think or say; 'But why worms in particular? Can't you just scoop over the earth around the plants to air the ground?'. Well yes, you can do that. But we're not talking about those kind of worms. We're talking about tiger worms.

Tiger worms are different from the regular earthworms you will find. In short, the biggest difference is that regular earthworms are better earators and tiger worms.. they are just monster-composters, and they love dog poo.
The tiger worms will help us brew a nice, nutrient rich 'worm tea', which is pretty much the water dripping out of the wormery mixed in the worm poo. This special tea will help our daycare flourish even faster!
And the faster it flourishes, the faster we get the chance to make those flowery dog pictures and see dogs playing around in an even happier (even happier!?) environment.

In the slide show you will see exactly what our wormery looks like. And we will keep you up to date on any future projects!